In-Home Care Policy

  1. I have given Fetchers full permission to enter my home only during the time and date designated on the reservation/text thread.
  2. I understand Fetchers will use professional handling techniques that are for their safety and your pet(s) safety and those methods might be different than what I am used to.
  3. I understand that I need to have a tote or bin where all the pet supplies are located and Fetchers will not access any other parts of the home to look for items.
  4. I understand that Fetchers will notify me when they arrive and when they leave each time as a timestamp to their presence with my pet(s) along with a report and photos.
  5. I understand that Fetchers is not responsible for my pet(s) behavior or neighbors animals and will report to me any concerns they have right away as needed.
  6. I understand Fetchers will first contact our on staff Certified Vet Tech for any medical concerns and then will notify me second and will bring my pet to RRV animal hospital in the event an emergency is determined. I understand I will be solely responsible for the bill resulting from any transportation, vet, or other fees and authorize Fetchers to run my credit card for these charges. Fetchers Certified Vet Tech staff is only utilized to help identify if there is a medical concern needing vet care and we refer all treatment out to local veterinarian clinics. Fetchers will provide any medication needed in accordance with the pets health plan.
  7.  I understand that e-collar’s will not be used without owners consent and proper training is accomplished first.
  8. I understand that if Fetchers is unable to provide care due to circumstances outside of their control they will notify me but also charge my credit card  on file for the prorated service attempt.
  9. In-Home Care cancellations must be communicated to Fetchers 48 hours prior to reservation start. Late cancellation will result the first full day and night cost charged to the card on file.
  10. I agree to the Fetchers Liability agreement that I have signed when building my profile in Gingr with Fetchers.
  11. I attest that my house is safe to enter per the instructions I have given.