Pick Up Drop Off Policy

  1. I understand my pet must be able to ride in a kennel and be collected easily from my home. Fetchers reserve the right to cancel if it's not feasible to transport my pet due to unforeseen situations and the charge will still apply for the attempt to collect my pet.
  2. Fetchers main form of communication will be text then phone call making our service smooth and easy for me. Fetchers will notify me of their ETA, departure, and again when my pet has successfully arrived at their destination. After the trip I agree to let Fetchers run my card on file for the appropriate amount per pricing terms on their website.
  3. I understand I may be charged for extra time it takes due to weather, behavior, or other variables that can cause a delay and I give Fetchers permission to run my card for these incidental charges.
  4. Pick Up / Drop Off cancellations must be communicated to Fetchers by 12pm (noon) the day prior to reservation start. Late cancellation will result in a full $30 Pick Up / Drop Off cost to the card on file. 
  5. No e-collar’s will be used on dogs without owners consent and proper training first.
  6. Accidents in kennels during transportation result in a $15 sanitary bath fee and a $15 kennel and vehicle sanitization fee as needed and I give Fetchers permission to run my card for these incidental charges. 
  7. If a female is in heat you must notify Fetchers. In heat female will result in an additional $8 fee per day. 
  8. I understand Fetchers will make every effort to arrive at the exact time you specify however I understand there are variables that are out of Fetchers control. If I decide to cancel the service I understand the charge will still apply for any partial trips performed.
  9. I understand I will be charged $30 for the first 30 minutes and then if the trip takes 31 to 45 minutes the charge will increase by $20 and the increase will be $20 for every 1-15 minutes thereafter including wait time at Vet clinics, or other locations.
  10. I agree to the Fetchers Liability agreement that I have signed when building my profile in Gingr with Fetchers.
  11. I attest that my house is safe to enter per the instructions I have given.