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About Boarding and Daycare

We believe a confident dog is a happy dog. When your dog is here, they are exposed to many different people and dogs under our direct supervision (Privacy Package available). This exposure to a safe social environment is key to achieve harmony and growth in their development in addition to endless exercise.

Is your dog a good fit? Yes! We take ALL dogs and provide a custom approach to each dog that comes here.  With our several fenced in play areas, it’s easy to separate or group dogs based on size, age, gender, or behavior. We know how to cater to any kind of dog and keep them active, safe, and promote socialization growth. We will do whatever it takes to make you and your pup comfortable! Stop in today for a tour or call 701-936-9536

Our Policy


$27 | Full day Daycare
$13.50 | Full day Daycare additional dog
$18 | Half day Daycare (4 hours or less)
$9 | Half day Daycare additional dog
$16 | Overnight per kennel + full day rate
*Overnight includes free daycare until 11 am next day
(Does not apply for Sunday pick up)

Petting & belly scratches – FREE!
Fetching & tug of war – FREE!
Socialization play time – FREE!

  • Additional Dog Stuff

    The Extras:
    Collar Rental | $3/day ($21 max charge)
    House Food | $2/day

    Walk Pass | $8/15 min walk
    An on leash walk with one of our professional dog handlers around the Fetchers neighborhood

    Snuggle Session | $8/15 min snuggle
  • Privacy Package

    $16/day + daycare rate
    This package caters to dogs who need more one-on-one direct care with humans and space from other dogs.

Packages and Discounts

  • 1 Dog

    10 days daycare package – $215

    20 days daycare package – $410

    40 days daycare package – $780

  • 2 Dogs

    10 day daycare package – $310

    20 day daycare package – $590

    40 day daycare package – $1,120

  • 3 Dogs

    10 day daycare package – $405

    20 day daycare package – $770

    40 day daycare package – $1,460

  • 4+ Dogs

    4 + Dog Rate and other custom long term packages available upon request. Call 701-936-9536 for more information.

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