Fetchers Career Development

Why Fetchers?
  1.  We are voted best Dog Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming business in the Fargo Moorhead area every year (inforums2019 - 2021) since we opened! We were labeled "Best Boarding & Daycare kennel in all of North Dakota" ( based on customer reviews! We are growing and each year we add new services and experiences for the team and customers. We have long term growth plans and strategies and we want you to grow with us! 
  2. We will help build you into an effective professional. We will mentor you and support your growth speed. Together we will create a long term custom goal with you and revisit your goals often to make sure you are on the right track. At Fetchers, no matter which position you are interested in, we can build your career for long term viability or we can be a stepping stone for you as you phase into other chapters of your career life in the future.
  3. Industry top pay and benefits based on performance with guaranteed raises each year. Pay is based on experience and above the industry standard!
    • Dog Handler pay range is between $13-$17/hr
    • Retirement program and matching
    • Paid time off
    • Maternity leave
    • Childcare reimbursement benefit
    • Health Insurance partial reimbursement
    • Performance based bonus incentives
    • Long term employment bonus incentives
    • Discounted animal care
    • Ongoing training in animal care and behavioral education
    • And More

Mission - To provide the most rewarding work environment which fosters a growth of professional, honest, and humble work ethic through mentorship and servant leadership.

Vision - We employ both people experienced in animal care and inexperienced animal lovers looking for an honorable and viable career in animal care. We help develop a custom plan for each individual that will lay out what is needed to achieve their career goals. We provide mentorship and tools in order for driven individuals to always be able to grow as Fetchers grows in order to reach the teams fullest potential.


Current available positions:

Team Manager

Full time, manager position capable of overseeing team efficiency, culture, and career mentorship and growth in addition to daily operations and customer interaction.

Job Description


Full time, operations execution and efficiency, customer interaction, and servant leadership.

Job Description


Entry Level position which develops understanding of balanced dog handling and behavior of social dog groups.

Job Description


Great for inexperienced individuals looking to learn more about the industry or eventually start a career with Fetchers. Must commit to a work schedule and be reliable and dependable.

Career Opportunities Flow Chart


Jordyns Experience

Since I am an Art Education major at a local college, I have to, unfortunately, leave Fetchers in hopes to get more experience in my future job of being an Art Teacher. I have grown as an employee and I am going to miss everyone and every single dog so much.

Where do I start?

I started at Fetchers with no experience in a doggy daycare facility. The only experience I really had was that I had my own dog, but I have now become a fully trained dog handler and an advocate for Fetchers. I have gained more confidence working with dogs and have learned so many other new things.

Over the past 2 years of being at Fetchers, I have gained so many new relationships with coworkers I wouldn’t trade for the world. I have relationships with so many of the dogs as well. I am going to miss them all so much! They all made me so ecstatic every single shift because they were always so happy to see me. I am really going to miss the pool days, field days, seeing the puppies grow up so fast, and indoor days when it is blizzarding outside.

Thank you, Fetchers, for being an amazing experience. I am going to miss all of you so much. Here is to a new chapter in life but this chapter will not be forgotten.


Alex's Experience

I worked at Fetcher’s Dog Boarding & Daycare for a little over a year. The experiences I gained in that time were some of the most priceless. Fetcher’s is extremely structured and consistent in how it operates each day. The structure is important for the employees, customers and the dogs that visit Fetcher’s. Timing was everything, and having a consistent schedule allows for a progressive lifestyle. Time management was an essential skill I developed while working at Fetcher’s. It was also very important to the dogs as they knew when they were on bathroom breaks, play time or rest/dinner times. The dogs expressed excitement when they knew it was time to play, and calmness when they knew it was time to use their “potty break” and nap time to wrap up the day and regroup for another day of playing and interacting with their favorite friends.

Teamwork and communication were other skills I developed while working at Fetcher’s. These skills go hand and hand, so it was necessary to learn and develop in both. Communicating with your coworkers was extremely important for everyone to do their jobs efficiently. Everyone has a place and responsibility at all times and knowing where your teammates are and what they are doing is important, especially for the safety of the dogs. We depend on each other like dogs depend on us. Communication was also important in making sure the needs of each individual dog and customer was fulfilled. Keeping up on medication, dinners, and behavior is important to relay between staff and customers so everyone was aware of how each dog was doing each day.

Compassion was another skill I developed while working at Fetcher’s. Compassion for your work ethic and standard was important to have to ensure you represented the business in ways that made the customers see fit. Doing your job with compassion and pride made not only the customers comfortable and trustworthy of the Fetcher’s staff being responsible for their dogs throughout the day, but it also made the dogs' lives better while being uncomfortable away from home. Being compassionate towards the dogs was extremely important in developing relationships with them and understanding what they needed at each moment.

My experience at Fetcher’s has taught me many lessons I will apply throughout my career(s) in my future.



Hello, My Name is Clay and I'm a Professional Dog Handler at Fetchers. All my life I've been around dogs and a lot of other animals. Being able to work with so many dogs on a regular basis has been a blast and a new learning experience! I currently have one lovely rescue dog named Patches.



Hi I’m Josie and I’m a Professional Dog Handler here at Fetchers. I currently have one dog of my own, a yellow lab named Rocky. I’m so grateful to be able work with dogs as they have always been a huge part of my life and I’m excited to continue that journey with Fetchers.



Hello, I’m Taylor! I'm currently a Professional Dog Handler & Receptionist here at fetchers. I have two dogs named Luna & Hazel. They are both rescue mutts! I have worked in the dog industry for 6+ years. I love getting to learn about different dogs personalities and behaviors each and every day & making daycare a fun place for every dog!



Hi my name is Nicholas. I'm a Professional Dog Handler at Fetchers. I love working with all different kinds of dogs! I grew up with many dogs in my life and I am happy to spend my days hanging out with dogs. I also really enjoy learning about dogs' body language and their behaviors. I have a dog of my own, he is a vizsla poo, his name is Hobbs. I have a deep love for dogs and am excited to continue working with them at Fetchers.



Hello, I'm Madee and I'm the Professional Dog Trainer here at Fetchers. I have a dog of my own, Taioh who is my baby! He is a mastiff mix and the best of both worlds. He loves to socialize and make friends but also enjoys being a couch potato! My goal here at Fetchers is to make a positive difference in the everyday lives of people and their pets. I can't wait to help you and your dog reach your goals while bringing balance and fun into your homes through training! 



Hello! My name is Hannah! I'm a Professional Dog Handler here at Fetchers! I’ve loved animals my whole life and have always had interest in learning about dog behavior. I currently have an orange cat named Copper. I grew up with a yellow lab named Bailey, and I'm looking forward to getting my own dog in the future! I’m so excited to get to know more and more dogs that come through Fetchers and I'm looking forward to meeting your furry friend! 


My name is Emily! I'm an avid dog lover with 4 of my own. A German Shepherd (Nyra), Belgian Malinois (Janosch), Belgian Groenendael (Silas), and Border Collie (Enya)! We are a home of herders! I have over 7 years of working in the pet care industry professionally! I work closely with each pup at Fetchers in both the daycare enrichment program and social daycare aspect to provide the utmost care and quality service to each dog I come across! My goal each day is to strengthen the bond you have with your dog through spreading my knowledge of dogs and ensuring that your dog always gets a completely fulfilling day while in our care!


 Hi! I’m Cassie, one of the Professional Dog Handlers here at Fetchers. I’ve had pets all my life and have always had a love for animals. This is my first job at a doggy daycare and I absolutely love it. It is incredible getting to work with so many wonderful dogs and learning so much about their personalities! I am excited for what the future holds here at Fetchers! I currently have two family dogs named Ginger and Gracie who are such crazy and wonderful sweethearts.



Hey there, my name is Espen! I'm a Professional Dog Handler at Fetchers. I've only been working with dogs for a few years, but now I just can't see myself doing anything else! One of my favorite parts of this job is getting to learn about your dog's personality and quirks that make them unique! Your pets deserve the best and I hope I can give them that. Currently my only pet is a 3 year old rescue cat named River, but my partner and I are hoping to rescue an ex-racing Greyhound in the future. Until then, I'm getting plenty of dog time here!



Hi, I'm Riley! I'm a Professional Dog Handler and Receptionist at Fetchers. I have years of experience working with dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments. One of my biggest joys in life is getting to know dogs so I always treat each dog I meet like they’re family!



Hi, my name is Sarah. I'm a Professional Dog Groomer here at Fetchers I have only been employed at Fetchers for a short time, but love it already. Their dedication and care for animals is amazing, and just the kind of place I want to work! My current lifestyle doesn't allow for dogs, but I do have a cat named Shadow who is just as crazy as every cat, but I love him. My goal here at Fetchers is to make every dog leaving look fresh and happy, so I look forward to meeting your four legged children.



Hi! I’m Katie, a Professional Dog Handler here at Fetchers! I have grown up around a lot of dogs and have always loved them. I have two dogs, Buck and Bear. I love getting to know each dog and being able to make their time at Fetchers a time to remember!



Hello, I'm Sophia! I currently am a Receptionist and help run our Social Media here at Fetchers! I grew up with two dogs, and have grown to love all animals. My favorite thing about working as a dog handler is getting to know all of the dogs and their own unique personalities. I have my own sheltie named Ruby-Belle!



Well hello there! I’m Emmy, a Receptionist and the Feline Behaviorist here at Fetchers. Outside of caring for and getting to know your dog, I stay busy with the mini zoo I run at home! I have four cats, Beaker, Sophia, Dorothy, and Malla, and a Border Collie/Australian Shepard named Colt!



Hello! I’m Shannon and I'm the General Manager at Fetchers. I am a veterinary technologist with many years of professional experience caring for dogs. I have a Pomeranian named Zander and an orange Tabby cat named Kevin. My mission is to give your dog the best home away from home.



Hello! My name is Katrina and I’m a Professional Groomer at Fetchers. I always knew I wanted to do something with animals. When I started grooming in 2017 I never looked back. Being able to make dogs feel good and look their best is one of the greatest joys in my life. My other joy is my husband and our large family of animals which includes two dogs (Darla a Standard Poodle and Hermione a Pitbull), cats, and exotics.



Hi dog owners! I am Jack the co-founder of Fetchers. I am a professional dog trainer, behaviorist, and nutritionist. I am here to help teach the Fetchers team, dog owners, and community about being a confident leader among your dog pack. This allows dogs and owners to get the most out of their relationship. I enjoy pheasant and grouse hunting with my dogs and just walking off leash with our 5 dogs through nature.



Hey dog lovers! I am Ashley, the co-founder of Fetchers. I am here to help serve you and your dog to ensure they have the best life possible. My favorite breed is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and my favorite animal activity is riding my horse while my dogs run along side off leash.