In-Ground Dog Fences


  • Keep your dog safe & secure in your yard
  • Give your dog more freedom & exercise
  • It’s affordable
  • More reliable than wireless systems
  • We carry high quality products
  • Quotes are custom and based on your specific needs
  • We will train you & your dog on how to use the fence
  • We do it right with professional equipment
  • Installed in one day
  • Simply unplug and take the fence system with you if you move

We install at homes and cabins all over Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota. We will travel as far as the job takes us and we are happy to offer you a dog containment system that is affordable and of high quality.

Petsafe Basic

This is the most basic and affordable option. It includes a battery powered collar with a battery that will need replacing every 2-3 months.

PetSafe Yardmax

Our most popular system includes a convenient rechargeable collar. It also has the “Yardmax” mode that prevents your dog from bolting through the perimeter of your yard. If you think your dog may be a little stubborn or you like the convenience of a rechargeable collar, then this system is for you.


This systems includes a rugged collar designed for dogs over 30 pounds and can cover up to 100 acres.


System & installation in typical yards of 1 acre or less | $1300- $1400

Extra collars | $145.95

A deposit of $200 is required. Deposits are non refundable and non transferable to another calendar year.

Service calls for fence repair | $1/mile round trip plus $100/hour from the time we leave Fetchers until the time we return back to Fetchers.

We offer no warranties on fence service repair. We can rebury a brand new wire around the entire property at a lump sum cost usually around $800-$1100 depending on the size of the yard.

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