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At Fetchers our mission is to be able to serve you and your pet(s) in any way that helps your family thrive! We have a state of the art kennel facility located in South Fargo and we bring our professional award winning service right to your home! The In-Home and Transportation services offer unique professional  grade care with daily access to our Certified Vet Tech on staff. Our team is trained to handle unique behaviors, medical needs, and other custom situations due to the vast training and experience we provide our In-Home Specialists. Our Specialists go through extensive animal behavior and medical training and have been trained on Animal CPR by a Licensed Veterinarian. We look forward to bringing a high value level of care to you and your pet! 

In-Home Care

Our animal care facility in South Fargo is a great and affordable option for many dogs and cats who need care when their owners are away. However, we understand that not all pets thrive away from home and it can be a scary or stressful situation for some! We are passionate about helping all pets, therefore we offer the option to keep pets in the comfort of their home and stick to their familiar routine. This service will provide a Fetchers In-Home Care Specialist to come to your home: let out, feed, water, play (mental, physical, emotional stimulation), distribute medications, and spend quality one-on-one time with your pet(s)! We will follow specific instructions you provide such as feeding, medications, fetch, walks, the list goes on! You will receive an arrival and departure text as well as pictures and custom updates on how your pet is doing while you are away!  


base Rate
Includes : letting out, waste removal, accident clean up, feeding, water, medication, physical exercise, petting, brushing, locating your cat, litter box cleaning, treats, and photo updates! 
$50 | dog or cat per visit: 1 hour of service including drive time 
$10 | additional dog per visit
$5 | additional cat per visit
$120 | dog or cat overnight visit: includes 1 AM, 1 PM, and overnight.
$20 | additional dog overnight visit
$10 | additional cat overnight visit
Additional Enrichment Time
Enrichment will stimulate your pet mentally, physically and emotionally resulting in a tired and more satisfied pet! We will bring a duffle bag full of goodies including puzzles, lick mats, topples, agility equipment, and so much more!  
$15 | for each 15 minute time block + base rate


This service will provide a Fetchers Transportation Specialist to drive to your home to pick up or drop off your pet(s) to and from Fetchers. We will text our "ETA" and enter your home with the instructions you provided. Additional stops at your vet or other locations needed are available upon request! 


Each Trip : $25 | first 30 minute round trip time
Additional Time : $1/minute | any amount of time after 30 minutes
**Real time calculations may include delays such as traffic, weather, vet clinic wait times, etc.

Meet and Greet : $30

Schedule a Meet and Greet to ask questions and get to know the Professional In-Home/Transportation Specialist who will transport or provide In-Home Care for your pet! Meet and Greets are required for new clients of Fetchers.

How to Get Started


If you are a new customer, click the link below to create an account.



Give your veterinarian a call and ask them to email over vaccination records to (for dogs) and (for cats). Proof of all required vaccinations must be sent prior to scheduling In-Home Care or Transportation Services.


Click the link(s) below to fill out a request form! This is required for use of service.                                                                          


After you complete this form we will be in touch to confirm you initial request. For recurring clients, please book online for all future requests.