Our Philosophy

At Fetchers we provide a complete package of services to grow and peak the relationship between dog and owner by providing dogs with a great foundation of obedience. We believe that each dog is not one size fits all and every dog is very different. You will be working closely with our Professional Dog Trainer during each step making many decisions for your dog to help both you and your dog work as a team. This results in more freedom on and off leash while educating owners on how to build trust in this freedom to benefit the dogs quality of life. We have been training dogs since 2010 and love to hear from our dog owners the differences they see in their dogs behavior after a training just a short session or after a board and train stay! Our Fetchers family tag teams the training efforts to maximize the amount of sessions per day and to offer both a male and female perspective. At Fetchers, we train everything canine whether young and old dogs alike we have a program for you and your dog. We work on general obedience, anxiety, jumping up, chewing, digging, kid boundaries, possessiveness, running off, aggression, and more! We use a balanced approach of both positive and negative reinforcement with repetition and well placed patience to achieve this patterned successful behavior. We explain this in detail to you and have you practice the training infront of us with lots of coaching and guidance. This ensures a smooth transition into your home. We look forward to serving you and your dog!

Once you have reviewed all of our training options,  you can fill out a submission form. From there, our trainer will review the submission form within 72 hours and set up a free consultation over the phone with you to talk about all of your problem areas and your training goals. Our trainer will help come up with one or more custom options that will fit best for you and your dog!

*Our training programs do NOT include service dog training*

Meet & Greet : $30

Get to know our trainer by setting up a Meet and Greet! Meet and Greets take 20-30 minutes where our trainer will meet and evaluate your dog and talk over any problem areas you may be having with your dog. You will talk with your trainer to come up with a custom plan that places your dog into the correct program that fits best for you and your lifestyle. 



Hello, I'm Madee!

and I'm the Professional Dog Trainer here at Fetchers. I grew up in Alaska and now live in Fargo, ND. Outside of work my favorite activities include hiking, traveling, and of course anything dog related! I have a dog of my own, Taioh , who is so special to me! He is a mastiff mix who loves to socialize and make friends but also enjoys being a couch potato!

When I was 14, I got the opportunity to start my dog training journey and have been now training for 5 years. From mastiffs to yorkies I have cared for a large variety of dog breeds. Dog training is a passion of mine because not only do I love helping dogs improve every day but I also love helping owners grow stronger relationships with their dogs. My goal here at Fetchers is to make a positive difference in the everyday lives of people and their pets. I can't wait to help you and your dog reach your goals while bringing balance and fun into your homes through training! 

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  2. Give your veterinarian a call and ask them to email over vaccination records to Proof of all required vaccinations must be sent in prior to scheduling an appointment or reservation.
    • Puppies must be at least 10 weeks of age and have a veterinarian certificate indicating the current vaccination proof of: Distemper (DHPP) and Bordetella (Kennel Cough). Dogs 16 weeks of age or older must have current Rabies, Distemper (DHPP), and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccines.
  3. Call 701-936-9526 to schedule an appointment or reservation.