Does Dog Size Matter for In-Ground Fencing?

You’ve considered the options and decided that in-ground fencing is the best for you and your dog. But now you’re wondering if your dog is too big for the fence!


The answer? Nope!


The size of your dog isn’t related to the success of your in-ground fence. No dog is too big for the fence, so let your Great Danes and Saint Bernards run wild! The success of an in-ground fence depends largely on training. If done correctly, the fence works every time no matter the breed or size of your dog. In fact, in-ground fencing is commonly seen as more effective with bigger dogs than traditional fencing. Why? Large dogs are known for climbing or jumping over wooden fences, which is a problem you will never have with in-ground fencing.


Dogs can typically be trained on in-ground fencing within about three days. You (or a trainer) should walk the dog on a leash around the perimeter for 10-15 minutes each day. Completing perimeter laps will allow the dog to become familiar with boundary lines. Afterward, let them play in safe zones. They should be comfortable safely playing within a few feet of the boundary lines. Be sure you go slow with the initial training process. If your dog is rushed, he may get confused about boundary lines.


The ideal training time for dogs is 6 months or older. However, if a dog is especially confident in his development, training can be completed as early as 5 months. Never train any dog on in-ground fencing before 5 months, no matter how confident they may seem.


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