How In-Ground Fencing Improves your Dog’s Quality of Life

If you’re trying to determine the best fence for your furry friend, you want to consider numerous factors to ensure you’re making the best purchase to keep your pup safe, secure, and happy. An in-ground fence, also referred to as a wired or underground fence, creates a hidden boundary for your dog. Your dog wears a special receiver collar that communicates with the signal transmitter that’s creating the boundary.


Unlike with traditional fencing, an in-ground fence can be customized to fit any shape of yard, so it can be as large and accommodating as you’d like. Invisible fences are adaptable, so you can use them on almost any terrain, like hilly or wooded areas, or areas with water. The view will also be better, rather than marred by a bulky fence. These fences can also cover acres of ground, giving your dog a large exercise space.


Dogs become restless when they are cooped up in small spaces. One of the key ways to improve their quality of life is to increase their exercise and activity levels. With an in-ground fence, not only will they have room to use their boundless energy, they’ll get to safely roam in a space with an exciting terrain that a traditional fence simply wouldn’t allow. This will also fight boredom. Roaming off leash will give your furry friend the freedom to explore on his own and create his own adventure.


Dogs have a natural instinct to protect their pack—which in this case would be you and your family. When they know their boundary (the perimeter of the in-ground fence), they feel a sense of duty to protect you. This will make your dog feel much happier and purposeful.

In-ground fence systems can include multiple dogs, so your favorite furry friend can safely play with several of their own furry friends, rather than playing in solitude. Puppy play dates are a great way to increase your dog’s quality of life. They like having best friends too!


In-ground fencing will have the benefits that come with a fence versus free roaming, like decreased exposure to contagious diseases and pet thieves, but without the downfalls of traditional fencing. Let your dogs run (almost) free and get some great exercise!