The Benefits to Boarding Your Dog at Daycare:

Are you planning a summer family vacation, leaving town last minute for a weekend getaway, or needing a trustworthy person to care for your dog while you are away? As a pet parent, the well-being of your furry friends is a top priority! It can be difficult to find the right person to come into your home to watch your dog. Bringing your dog to a dog daycare to board overnight is a great solution, and here is why:


Dog’s are naturally social pack animals. While you are away on vacation, your pup can play with other dogs and humans. Proper socialization is the key to a healthy social and emotional well-being for your dog! Daycare Boarding facilities have professionally trained individuals that will care for each dog as if it’s their own! 


What dog doesn’t need exercise!? Your dog will run and play outside all day! Proper physical exercise will not only tire your dog out but can also curb destructive behaviors at home. 


Dogs thrive off of structure and routine. While your dog is boarding they will have a daily routine for meal times, play time, and nap time. Familiarity with a routine will help reduce the anxiety and stress your dog may face while you are away! Having a consistent schedule will help your dog feel safe.


Drop your dog off for boarding with no worries! Knowing your dog is in a safe, engaging, and fun environment while you are away will allow you to have a stress free vacation. For extra reassurance you will get updates from staff via text, call, or pictures of your dog playing with friends! 

Next time you are heading out of town, consider the advantages of dog daycare boarding and give your pet a vacation of their own in a a fun, safe, and stimulating environment!