The Difference Between Kennels and Boarding

We love our pets and treat them like members of our family, so when we go out of town for the weekend, or even a week or two on an extended vacation, it’s tough leaving our pets. Fortunately, you can ensure they’re well taken care of if you send them to a great dog boarding facility. Some people get nervous about sending their dogs to a boarding facility because they are too often synonymous with kennels. In truth, they are not the same thing, and knowing the difference can put your mind at ease.


Kennels and boarding are entirely different in how they are set up, how pets are cared for, and who takes care of the pets. Pet kennels are designed to be temporary; they hold pets for a short amount of time. For instance, the vet and the groomer have kennels to hold pets for a few hours between their appointment slot and when they are picked up. Some adoption sites or stores will keep pets in kennels to hold them until they are picked up, too. Kennels keep dogs in a confined space, which is not good for them. That is why they should only be kept in a kennel for a couple hours at a time. The kennels are neither large nor comfortable, and the dogs aren’t let out to roam around and exercise. Additionally, the people taking care of the dogs usually aren’t well-trained (unless they’re at a vet’s office).


Because pet kennels are only a temporary holding place and not the key reason for the visit, they aren’t nearly as accommodating as a boarding facility. Boarding facilities are designed for pets to come and stay awhile. The purpose of a visit to the boarding facility is to keep pets happy and comfortable while their owner is away. On the contrary, a stay in a pet kennel is a necessary part of a visit to the vet or groomer while pets are waiting to be picked up.


Boarding facilities provide a large space for dogs to stay. They won’t be stuck in a kennel during their visit. Comfort is the utmost importance at a boarding facility, so dogs have access to comfortable bedding, toys, play time, and interaction with humans and other dogs. Staff is well-trained, so your dog will be treated like a member of the family during their stay. They’ll also be monitored the entire time, so you won’t need to worry about them getting into trouble unsupervised. They’ll have plenty of time to run around in outdoor play areas, so they will come home after a weekend away fully exercised and content.


If you’re wary of dog boarding, think of it as summer camp for your dog. If you have any questions, we’d love to answer them. Give Fetchers a call at 701-936-9536.