Why Should I Board My Cat?

As we say good-bye to summer, we say hello to the crisp morning air, and the holiday season! If you have travel plans for the holidays it can often be difficult to leave your cat home alone or to find a trustworthy person to care for them. At Fetchers we have a Cattery where you have a safe and fun place to board your cat! Here are some of the great benefits to boarding your cat versus leaving them at home.


Fresh Food and Water

At Fetchers your cat will always be offered fresh food and water! If you leave them at home you won’t have to worry about them running out or finding someone to feed them. 

The Litter Box

You won’t have to worry about their litter box becoming too full or smelly! At Fetchers your cat will have their own individual litter box, and it will be regularly cleaned.


Any special medications or supplements are given to your cat by a professional! 


It is guaranteed that the cattery staff will provide cuddles and comfort to your cat while you are away! 


Your cat will stay active if they stay at our Cattery. We offer an enrichment service to all of our boarding cats. This includes mentally, emotionally, and physically stimulating activities such as lick mats, food puzzles, confidence building, cuddles, interactive toys, and so much more! 

Contact  701-936-0732 to get your cat signed up for boarding or any other feline services that we provide!