Why Should I Crate Train My Puppy?

Have you thought about crate training your new puppy but are unsure where to start? Here are a few helpful tips to help you get started on your crate training journey! 

#1 : Picking The Right Size Crate

It can be overwhelming with the amount of brands, types, and sizes of crates to choose from. A great place to start is to pick out a crate where your puppy is able to stand, sit, and lay down comfortably. As a new dog owner you may find that your puppy is having accidents on one side of their crate and sleeping on the other. This is often a sign that the crate is too big. 

#2 : The Crate Is Not A Punishment

A common misconception is that the crate should be used for negative punishment. In fact, the crate should be a safe, comfortable, and relaxing space for your puppy to enjoy. If your puppy has too much space to roam in the house it can be difficult to get them to take a nap or take a break from playing. The crate is a great way to encourage your puppy to decompress from the busy world around them.  

FUN FACT : Dog’s have a natural desire to be in a “den-like” environment. Crate training will allow your dog to have a space that will act as their “den” and fulfill their natural instincts.

#3 : Safety 

Puppy’s love to chew and eat just about anything that comes in their path. It is difficult to watch them at all hours of the day. Using a crate will help avoid accidents and destructive chewing. You should have your puppy in a crate in the car whenever going long or short distances to ensure safety and avoid a distracted driver! 

#4 : Prepare For Future Crates

Whether it be at the vet, groomers, or overnight boarding your puppy will more than likely be put in a crate at some point during their lifetime. You can help your puppy avoid unnecessary stress, confusion, and anxiety by exposing them to crates early on! 

#5 : Ask A Professional Dog Trainer

As a new dog owner, starting crate training your puppy can be overwhelming. When in doubt, reach out to a professional dog trainer! Here at Fetchers we have a professional dog trainer who will help start you and your puppy on the right training path! 

Give us a call today at 701-936-9526 to set up an initial Meet and Greet with our trainer!