4 Reasons In-Ground Fencing is More Beneficial for Dogs than Traditional Fencing

Having a fenced in yard is the best way to let your dog enjoy the outdoors. With a fenced in yard, your pup can play to their heart’s content while setting boundaries to make sure they are safe. When it comes to figuring out the best fencing option to get your beloved dog safe, here are a few reasons to keep in-ground fencing in mind.


More Customizable

In-ground fencing is ideal in large yards. In-ground fencing can be placed in rough terrain where traditional fencing cannot be installed. Furthermore, in-ground fencing is more affordable than traditional fencing, ensuring that you can fence your entire yard, versus a small area of it. As an added bonus, in-ground fencing is portable which means that you can reconfigure the fencing in your yard later or even take it with you when you move.


Minimal Training is Required

After installing an in-ground fence, it’s necessary to train your dog where the boundaries are and help them adapt to the new fencing. Usually it takes about a week for the dog to get used to the in-ground fencing. What makes in-ground fencing more effective is the shock that dogs receive if they attempt to cross the boundaries of the fence. The small shock is equivalent to a shock caused by static electricity. The shock teaches the dog that leaving the yard is uncomfortable and staying within the yard is comfortable.


More Effective

Many owners’ dogs become escape artists when it comes to traditional fencing. The main reason why traditional fencing is ineffective is because dogs can dig, jump, and even chew through traditional fencing. In-ground fencing is a secure option that determined pups cannot chew, dig up, or cross. This ensures your dog’s safety and your sanity. You don’t have to worry about them escaping when spending time in the yard.


Great Curb Appeal

Traditional fencing is often an eye sore due to how tall it needs to be to keep in larger dogs. It often obstructs a clean view of your home. It also impedes your ability to get a good look out your window to your surroundings. In-ground fencing eliminates the eyesore that traditional fencing is notoriously known for at a fraction of the price.

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