Grooming Day Spa

About Our Grooming

Do you want your dog feeling fresh and clean at the end of their stay with us? When dogs play here at Fetchers they can get dirty and stinky! We believe it is healthy to dig holes, play in the rain, and roll in the mud!

You can add this service on to the end of you dog’s stay or solely make a grooming appointment. Dogs dropped off may be picked up just a few hours later the same day!

How We Groom

We do it all! We offer de-matting, de-shedding, sanitary shaving, and full hair cuts. We are great at helping discover ear infections, removing ticks, getting out mats, and providing an overall physical health check to make sure your pup is not only looking their best, but feeling their best as well!

You never know what you’ll find under all that fur!


Grooming Services

Full groom includes haircut and blowout, bath (shampoo, conditioner, and face wash included), nail trim, teeth brushing, ear cleaning and upon request anal gland expression and ear hair plucked.

*Prices may vary per groomer’s discretion

Small Dog (Below 15lbs) - $50
Medium Dog (15-35lbs) - $55
Large Dog (35-75lbs) - $65
Extra Large Dog (75lbs and up) - $75

Staff Services Baths

Small Dog (Below 15lbs ) - $22
Medium Dog (15-35lbs) - $27
Large Dog (35-75lbs) - $32
Extra Large Dog (75lbs and up) - $37

Premium Add on Services

Go the extra mile with your pet’s sPAW day and treat them to revitalizing grooming package catered to your pet! All premium add-on services come with basic groom services PLUS a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner, nail grinding, nose and pad moisturizing balm, pet perfume/cologne, and bows or bandanna. *Cost dependent on dog’s size and coat type

Furminator de-shedding shampoo and conditioner – $10-30

Earthbath oatmeal and aloe shampoo and conditioner – $10-30


Extra brush/de-matting – $15/15min

Pet massage – $30/30 min

Nail grinding – $20


Nail trim – $10

Nail grinding – $15

Ear cleaning – $10

Anal gland expression – $10

Teeth brushing – $10

Face trim – $15

Brush out/de-matting – $15/15 min

Pet massage – $20/20 min

Skunk off 1 application – $35

My First Bath! $15

Includes introductory bath, puppy nail trim, ear cleaning and brush out.

My First Groom! $20

“My First Bath!” services plus introduction to grooming tools and face, feet and fanny trim.

Puppies 10 weeks to 6 months old have the opportunity to become acquainted with the grooming experience at a reduced price! Introducing your puppy to your groomer, their tools and the grooming process will help prevent grooming problems in the future.

He’s doing good we’ve had 5 customers in our store and Nooo Jumping! We tell him to sit and he stays until I say ok! Amazzzzing day today!! No shocks and a few beeps on collar! Comes when we say his name and Back, Went to the park today and there were kids everywhere so I said Back and he was by my side in 2 seconds! Just wanted to say thank you so very much!”

Tracy and Tony, 1 yr old Mastiff, Guss