Can My Dog Enjoy The Holiday Season?

Getting your home ready for the holidays is an exciting time but don’t forget your furry friend might need a little guidance during this time! Here are a few tips to help you and your dog have an enjoyable holiday season. 


Keeping a routine for your dog is extremely important, especially during the busy holiday season. Try and feed your dog at the same time for breakfast / dinner as you would on a normal day! Continue the daily exercise, walks, and snuggles with your dog. Routine will help your dog feel comfort and you can enjoy your holiday party knowing your pup is taken care of! 

Safe Decorations 

Especially with a young puppy running around, it’s important to make sure any cords or wires are not accessible for chewing! If you are worried about ornaments being knocked off the tree you can buy plastic / non-shatter ornaments for the bottom half! If your tradition is to get a real tree, make sure to clean up any pine needles that fall onto the ground. If ingested, pine needles can cause ruptures and great discomfort.

Daycare / Boarding

If you have a busy Christmas shopping day ahead of you – sign your dog up for daycare! If you are planning on traveling to see family, make sure to sign your dog up for boarding. Most facilities fill up quickly – so plan ahead!


If you have people coming over for a holiday party, prep some enrichment activities. Feed your dog with a puzzle feeder. Dog’s can sometimes eat faster if they are stressed or around new people. The puzzle feeder will encourage slow eating and avoid bloat. They will also feel more tired after using their nose and mind. Freeze a Toppl full of your dog’s favorite treats the night before – give them the Toppl while everyone is eating. Not only will they get a yummy treat but will help avoid begging at the table.

We hope you and your pup have a safe and happy holiday season!

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