Tips to Ensure Your Dog Enjoys Boarding

Going out of town for a few days? Whether you’re going on a business trip or relaxing on vacation for a few days, you’re probably finalizing plenty of last-minute details. Have you thought about what you’re going to do with your favorite four-legged friend? If you can’t take your pet with you on vacation and you can’t leave your perky pup at home with a friend, boarding is your next option. Feeling stressed and anxious about boarding your best friend? With these great tips, you can ensure your furry friend will be safe, comfortable, and happy.


Find the Right Facility:

Check out the facility (or a few) before leaving your dog for the weekend. Does the facility look clean, comfortable, and well-maintained? Does your dog respond well to staff? Will your dog have his own kennel and get to play outside? Where will he be sleeping? Make a list of question and ensure all your needs are met before dropping your dog off. Similarly, make sure you understand the rules of the boarding facility. Find the right “hotel” for your dog so you can rest easy in yours.


Ask for a Single Room:

Would you want to room with a stranger? Neither does your dog. Unless your dog already has a friend at the boarding facility or is being boarded with another dog from the family, make sure he has his own kennel and isn’t crammed in a space with someone he doesn’t like.

Visit the Vet:

Boarding facilities require certain vaccinations in all dogs, so make sure your pet has received all required vaccinations prior to boarding. Be sure to provide the necessary documentation to ensure your pooch is healthy enough to be boarded. Send the correct amount (or a bit extra, just in case) of treatments or medications along with a set of clear instructions for staff members.


Give Instructions to Staff:

You should provide the boarding facility with any and all instructions for caring for your pet, including his feeding schedule, medication schedule, and health documents. If your pet has any specific behavioral concerns, discuss it with staff and offer solutions for the behavior. Leave your emergency contact information and the number for your vet as well—it’s better to be safe than sorry if something happens while you’re away.


Provide Items of Comfort:

Your pet will enjoy getting to know all the new pets he encounters, but he may need a little comfort and reminder of you too. Leave an unwashed t-shirt or blanket with your scent on it with your dog so that he can be comforted by your scent. Don’t forget to pack his favorite toy or bone along with him as well.


Do a Test Run:

Before you leave for more than a few days at a time, consider doing a test run with your dog. Leave him at the facility for a weekend and see how he acts when he comes back home. Does he seem stressed or upset? Is he clean? This will tell you if you’ve found the right facility for him.