Back to School Daycare

The kids are about to head back to school. It’s time to replace the sunscreen and swim trunks with backpacks, pencils, and notebooks. Many companies have lax summer hours, where employees work fewer hours during the week, or even have Friday afternoons off. For many adults, that means you’re back to regular, more strict hours at work. The slow, fun summer is gone, and it’s back to juggling busy schedules: getting to early morning business meetings on time with coffee for the office, getting the kids off to school, helping them with homework, and making sure they get to soccer practice on time.


But what happens to your furry friends at home? They have to deal with a schedule change, too. Now that you are home less and less, and they don’t have the kids at home to play with all day long, what will they do? It may be a bit of a shock for them to go from being social all day to staying at home alone with no one to interact with, run around with, and receive treats from.


You can’t take your dogs to work (in most cases) and your children certainly can’t bring them to school, so what do you do? The solution could be to send them to doggy daycare. Just like you’d drop off your children for daycare or school every morning and pick them up at the end of the day, you can bring your dog to a daycare facility like Fetchers for the day. And just like you’d bring your child’s favorite toy with them to daycare, bring a toy or favorite blanket of your pup’s along for the day. You’ll want to pack a leash, your dog’s favorite food, and his shot records. He’ll happily receive belly scratches, lots of pets, and plenty of great socialization time with other dogs all day. Once your work day ends, you’ll pick up a satisfied, happy dog.


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