Dog Grooming: A Spa for your Dog

It’s back to school time! You know what that means: new backpack, new folders, new pens and pencils, a fresh new box of crayons, and whatever else is on your child’s must-have list for school. And the school supply front isn’t the only thing that gets a makeover. It’s time for a refreshed wardrobe for your growing child, who may have outgrown last year’s jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, and sneakers. A new haircut and style will help them feel refreshed and ready for a new school year.


While you’re helping your child feel refreshed and ready for school, why not give your precious pup a makeover too?


Grooming is crucial not only for keeping your dog clean and looking well, but it helps their physical well-being. During the grooming process, groomers can discover ear infections or dry patches, remove ticks and mats, and provide an overall checkup by looking for signs of infection or inflammation and ensuring all looks well with the teeth, nails, ears, and eyes. What better opportunity to get your pets groomed than while they’re at doggy daycare or being boarded for the weekend? Groomers will ensure your pet is not only looking his best, but feeling his best after a long weekend of socializing and playing with other dogs!


After a weekend of boarding and visiting with a groomer, your dog will leave looking great with a haircut, blowout, bath (including shampoo, conditioner, and face wash), nail trim, teeth brushing, and hair cleaning. Brushing your dog’s hair will brush away dead skin, extra fur, and dandruff. It also spreads the natural oils through your dog’s coat, giving it a nice sheen. Shampooing offers the same benefits of brushing, all the while strengthening hair follicles to help reduce shedding. Dogs like to relax too, and treating them to their own spa day will let them unwind after a long day of play at doggy daycare. At Fetchers, we even do pet massage!


Did your dog roll around in the mud at doggy daycare or is it time for a refreshed look? Don’t let grooming fall to the wayside! Give us a call at 701-936-9536 to talk about boarding, daycare, and grooming.


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