What Does Enrichment Mean For Your Dog?

Is your dog bored, showing signs of anxiety, or acting out at home? Just like humans, dogs need stimulation to help them positively navigate the world. Enrichment might just be the key to helping your dog fulfill their physical, mental, and emotional needs. Here are some ways you can provide enrichment to your dog’s life!


Going for a walk, playing fetch, agility, stretching / massaging muscles, or even an at home DIY obstacle course are great physical activities for your dog. These will help not only burn some crazy pup energy but also will allow your pup decompress and lower their stress level.


Give your pup a chance to show you their problem solving skills! Snuffle mats, food puzzles, slow feeders, lick mats, puzzle balls, Kong toys, scavenger hunts, and even bubbles are all tools that can be beneficial to your dog’s mental health. These mind games can also help build your dog’s confidence.

Quick Tip:
Spread some peanut butter onto a lick-mat and add some of your pup’s favorite treats. Pop the lick-mat in the freezer for about 15 minutes to have a longer lasting activity!


Just like humans, dogs have emotions such as fear, anxiety, stress, calm, happiness, the list goes on. You can attend to your dog’s emotional needs by sitting down and spending one on one time with them. Focus only on your dog for 15 minutes. Put away any distractions such as phones, and snuggle them! Any of the activities above will help you bond with your dog and fulfill their emotional needs!

Be creative, the possibilities are endless when it comes to adding enrichment to your dog’s daily life. You can cater specifically to your dog at home and provide them with fun activities and better their overall wellbeing!

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