How In-Ground Fencing Improves your Dog’s Quality of Life

If you’re trying to determine the best fence for your furry friend, you want to consider numerous factors to ensure you’re making the best purchase to keep your pup safe, secure, and happy. An in-ground fence, also referred to as a wired or underground fence, creates a hidden boundary for your dog. Your dog wears a special receiver collar that

3 Myths of In-Ground Fencing

You’ve just gotten a new puppy, and it’s time to think about putting in a fence. Or maybe you’re moving and your new home doesn’t have a fence for your active pets. You may have seen some negative reviews of in-ground fencing in your research, but it’s time to dispel 3 myths about in-ground fencing.   High Cost: People may

What to Put in your Doggie Bag: Preparing to Board

It’s time for vacation! Your bags are packed, the reservations are confirmed, and the tickets have been printed. You’ve made arrangements for a family friend to watch the house and water the plants every night. You’ve found the perfect boarding facility for your dog. Time to sit back and relax. But wait: have you packed your dog’s bag yet? Credible

Tips to Ensure Your Dog Enjoys Boarding

Going out of town for a few days? Whether you’re going on a business trip or relaxing on vacation for a few days, you’re probably finalizing plenty of last-minute details. Have you thought about what you’re going to do with your favorite four-legged friend? If you can’t take your pet with you on vacation and you can’t leave your perky

How Do You Know It’s the Best Boarding Kennel for Your Four-Legged Family Member?

When your dog’s tail starts to wag, ears perk up, tongue falls out, drool hits the floor, starts excitedly barking, and can’t sit still, your pup knows it’s at their favorite kennel for the week. There are many logistics to figure out before taking a business trip or family vacation. What are you going to do with your four-legged family

The Crate Escape: Why Dog Daycare Matters

Every loving dog parent has wrestled with the problem of leaving a dog in its crate all day long. Whether out of need or boredom, if left out all day, your dog may have potty accidents or destroy things. On the other hand, it’s heartbreaking to lock up your pup when you know you’ll be gone for 8-9 hours. Is

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